GARE TERMINUS: Bulgarian dark scene is small but very strong

Gare Terminus. Photo © Beastra

Gare Terminus. Photo © Beastra

The experimental Neo folk, dark music band Gare Terminus had their first concert in Sofia, in January 2017. The concert was held in one of the underground bars for live music, in the center of Sofia – BarDak. It was part of the poetry reading „White Poems for Dark Days“. After the concert the members of the band shared their positive experience and said that the Bulgarian dark scene is very small but very strong and the community is very alive, and active.

The band „Gare Terminus“ was formed in 2015 in Luxembourg. It consists of two members – Margarita Omar – visual artist and musician and Neor Nachev – poet, guitarist, founder of the Bulgarian band In the Red (На Червено). The two members admit that their music is influenced by musicians such as Douglas Pearce from „Death in June“ and bands like „Swans“, „Doors“, „Sisters of Mercy“. The name of the band „Gare Terminus“ comes from a song by „In the Red“ – The Last Station („Гара последна“ – in Bulgarian or „Gare Terminus“ in French or Latin). The Last Station was one of the last songs of „In the Red“, when Neor Nachev meets Margarita Omar and both decide to start together a new musical project.

By the time the concert was held the band had almost 14 songs. After September 2017, the band is planning to release their first official album. Their next concert is planned to be in Luxembourg at the end of February or in March 2017. For more information and band’s latest news follow their Facebook profile.

In the special interview that the band gave for the online radio „Double Delusion“, both members shared their positive experience of the concert and the Bulgarian audience, which enjoyed their style a lot.

You can listen to the whole interview with „Gare Terminus“ on the online radio „Double Delusion“ here:


Listen to „Gare Terminus“:
Web Site


Interviewer: Beastra
Media: Free Independent Media © Double Delusion 2017


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