MoodMe – photos with emotional living portraits

MoodMe_logo2Have you ever thought of having a live photo avatar? Shooting a photo that afterwards smiles at you as if it is alive? Or watching your favorite football team playing and get emotional with your favorite football player? You can control your mood, putting either a smile or a sad face, only by clicking few buttons on the brand new application in the Apple store – MoodMe. The main goal of MoodMe App is to bring smiles to emotional engagement. It creates living emoticons with your face. Its value is to enrich engagement through emotions. MoodMe application transforms pictures into emotional interactive 3D Living portraits. The company also focuses on Sport Fans engagement and Consumer Apps.

Remember the first emotional expressions online, when internet, the online chats and virtual social life were young! On one of the first chat programs ICQ – we have learned how to show smiles or sad emotions composing them by combining brackets, commas, fullstops and other punctual signs, like this -> smile – : ), wink – ; ), sad – : (, angry – >:-/. Then all these expressions developed and we had the cartoon emoticons that we could paste next to our sentences online, like this: :-), :-(, ;-). By and by, we come to nowadays when the emotional engagement is super highly developed thanks to an international team of really creative people, establishing MoodMe. With MoodMe App there are no more emoticons, it uses photos of your real face and animate it in 3D version, expressing how you feel, online! Isn’t it amazing?

Have you ever been mooded?

“Have you been mooded?” – this is the question all the acquainted fans with the App ask all the others. “No?! Ok, let me take a shot of your face, and then I will animate it and put whatever mood you want – happy, sad, angry, playful. In addition, I can put you the shirt of your favorite football player or singer, even his hair, tattoos or bracelets”. All these is made possible thanks to this new application for living emoticons, created by MoodMe.
MoodMe is relatively young and new company. MoodMe_apple_app_picIt is existing on the market since almost 3 years. Recently its playful and enjoyable application started to attract the attention of photo maniacs, football fans, social network and mobile users. Its popularity is spreading so fast, that some say that soon the emotional photos that MoodMe produces will be implemented on social networks, such as Facebook, making them even more attractive. It means that, for example, your profile photo on Facebook with your face on it, won’t be still and boring anymore, staring at you with frozen look. With MoodMe it will be animated and will smile, could be also angry, sad, agitated, responding completely to your mood at the moment.

The office of MoodMe is based in… the World

Originally, the company MoodMe, was established in Luxembourg, 3 years ago. In March 2014, it opened also an office in Belgium. MoodMe Belgium is incorporated in Nivelles, following investment from Wallimage Entreprises. It has many other branches in different countries in Europe, in the Silicon Valley – in the USA and in Brazil. The company is planning to open even more offices around the world in the future.

Chandra de Keyser, CEO and co-founder of MoodMe

Chandra de Keyser, CEO and co-founder of MoodMe

We are talking about offices and branches, but if you ask the CEO and co-founder of MoodMe, Chandra de Keyser, he would tell you: “What does it mean “office” in nowadays super high tech world? Every place on Earth, where there is an Internet connection, can be your office!” He is not just saying it, he is really putting these words into practice. Every week, Chandra is in a different city, country or continent – either for presentation of the application and the work of MoodMe, for pitch, for meetings with investors or building partnerships. And no matter where he is, every week he has a meeting with the whole team of MoodMe, each one of the members, based in different country. Then how does it all work out? Where these meetings are happening? There is only one place where everybody can be in the same time, as Chandra said – no matter where on Earth each one is situated, this place is called Internet. So, if you wonder where exactly the real office of MoodMe is based, the answer is simple – in the World.

Chandra is making conference calls with the team online. Everyone gives a report of the work that is already done and the problems that appeared along the way. Also all the new tasks and working plans are discussed. What is more interesting is that all this completely new system and working style really works. If Google became legendary for its cozy and feel-like-home working environment, making you unwilling to leave the office, companies like MoodMe take it even further into that direction. They say: “Just let the people work at their homes”. And definitely, it looks like this is the future of the working policy and conditions of the modern businesses and companies. No more old school 9 to 5 working hours, pushing yourself to stay on your desk and waiting impatiently the day to finish. Companies like MoodMe establish the new philosophy – every hour is working, every hour is a break. It is because, everyone who decided to work for such a company really enjoys it and have fun while working.

Of course, the energetic, full of ideas and genuine citizen of the world Chandra de Keyser, does not exclude the need of real meetings in live with the whole team and talks in person. He smiles and says: “Of course, it is important to meet in person, because work can be done from distance, online, but drinking beer is something that should be done really in live”. May be this viewpoint is not surprising having in mind Chandra’s Belgian origin.

MoodMe_logoMoodMe inherited Mach-3DMach-3D-Logo

MoodMe inherited another company called Mach-3D. This happened in mid 2012 when Mach-3D was rebranded as MoodMe, a US and EU Trade Mark. Mach-3D inspires great speed of delivery and 3D animations and was Founded by Massimiliano (the Ma of Mach) & Chandra (the Ch) in early 2011 and incorporated as SàRL in Grand Duché de Luxembourg. Alessandro joined them as co – Founder. Mach-3D core technology is a Cloud Platform which creates, stores and animates 3D models of human faces, the Living Portraits (TM). Mach-3D was one of the first 4 startups selected to participate in the europe4startups programme which offers free Cloud for 1 year thanks to SecureIT as well as a package of marketing, legal & IP advisory services. Mach-3D opened a Silicon Valley office in October 2012 and benefited from a Grant from the Ministry of Economy to setup its office in Plug & Play Tech Center in Sunnyvale, CA.

If you would like to become one of the many fans and users of the brand new application MoodMe, you can download it from Apple store.

Or you can also try it, directly on your PC, online.

MoodMe managed to put a smile even to the great Bulgarian football player Hristo Stoichkov. Check it out:

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